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The Venue

Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) is a research institute for applied mathematics and computer science. Our research and service is driven by the principle “Fast Algorithms – Fast Computers”: We provide solutions for complex problems in science, engineering, environment, and society – problems that require innovative approaches.

In close cooperation with partners from science, economy, and society we develop mathematical models and efficient algorithms. For the users of our high-performance computers we provide specialized consulting services.

Access to ZIB

ZIB is not trivial to find since it does not have direct street access. We recommend to print the following map (click here for an enlarged version):

which shows the direct ways from the nearest subway station (U3 Dahlem-Dorf) and proximate bus stations. If you are staying in the inner city, the easiest way probably is (1) to go to "Dahlem-Dorf" by subway line U3, or (2) to go to "Rathaus Steglitz" by U9 or metro train line S1, then continue with bus X83 in direction "Königin-Luise-Str./Clayallee".

From the airports to ZIB and the City-West

Tegel airport and Schönefeld airport both have convenient public transport connection. To go from Tegel to ZIB, take the bus TXL until "Zoologischer Garten", change to U9 towards "Rathaus Steglitz" until the final station, then change to X83 towards "Königin-Luise-Str./Clayallee" until "Arnimallee".
If you are heading from Tegel towards the city, take the TXL bus until "S+U Zoologischer Garten". From there, many buses and metro train lines are leaving.

Public transport costs 2.30 Euro (single ticket Berlin AB) and takes 20 minutes from Tegel to Zoo, allow another 30 minutes to get to ZIB. A taxi from Tegel will cost around 20 Euro to the Western city and 30 Euro to ZIB, taking 15 and 20 minutes, resp.

From Schönefeld airport, use the bus SXF1 to go to "Südkreuz", change to S41 (ring line). If you are directly going to ZIB, change at "Heidelberger Platz" to U3 towards "Krumme Lanke". Go until "Dahlem-Dorf".
If you are heading towards the Western city, you might want to change at "Bundesplatz" to U9 towards "Osloer Straße" and go until "Zoologischer Garten".

Public transport costs 3.00 Euro (single ticket Berlin ABC) and takes one hour from Schönefeld to ZIB or the city. A taxi from Schönefeld will cost 40 to 50 Euro to ZIB or the City-West, taking 30 minutes.

Berlin Public Transport

Public transport is the way to travel in Berlin. It operates on frequent schedules (every 3-10 minutes during daytime), it is fast and safe.
Find the network map of the subway (U-Bahn) and metro train (S-Bahn) here. S- and U-Bahn will operate from 5 am to midnight during the week and 24 hours on the weekend. If it's getting a little late, finde the network map of the night buses and trams here. Note that there is a corresponding night bus for every U-Bahn.

Most likely, you will exclusively need AB tickets, which cost 2.30 for a single trip, 6.30 for a day, or 27.20 for a week. Only if you are leaving Berlin, e.g., to go to Potsdam or Schönefeld airport, you will need an ABC ticket (3.00 Euro).

Conference Desk

The conference desk is located in the foyer of ZIB and is open from Monday to Friday, 8:15AM to 6:00PM. If you have any question, just contact the conference desk.

You can also get a hold of the conference desk via the conference phone +49 (30) 84185-238. After hours this phone number will be forwarded to one of organizers. In case of emergency you can use this number at any time.

Internet Access

There is an open WiFi access point at ZIB available for all participants. It has the name “Gast im ZIB”. There will be no WiFi available in the workshop’s seminar rooms at FU Berlin. Further, we will provide LAN cables in room 2006 at ZIB, which is located on the ground floor directly next to the main lecture hall. They will be available during the whole conference except for Tuesday.


On all days, lunch can be taken at the “mensa” (canteen) of FU Berlin. There will be two separate counters for CPAIOR participants. At these two counters, people with a CPAIOR name badge will not be asked to pay for their food selection. Hence: Bring your name badge!

Please note: Since for students the mensa charges us less, we ask participants with a valid student id to bring and show those to the cashiers.

Restaurants and Shopping

Besides the University Mensa the following restaurants are in walking distance:

They are indicated on the map above.

Shopping hours are from 9:00-20:00 Monday to Saturday. Shops are closed on Sundays. If you arrive on Sunday, buy your essentials at the airport or at Ullrich supermarket at the station "Zoologischer Garten".

The closest shopping area to ZIB is the "Schloßstraße" which extends from "Rathaus Steglitz" station to "Walther-Schreiber-Platz". "Das Schloss" is a shopping mall directly next to "Rathaus Steglitz", the mall "Forum Steglitz" is one block south of "Walther-Schreiber-Platz". Walking two more blocks you will find "Karstadt", a big department store at the corner of "Merkelstraße". "Akiko" in "Ahornstraße" has decent sushi.

In the city, the KaDeWe, the largest department store of continental Europe, is a tourist attraction on its own. It is directly next to "Wittenbergplatz" station. Visit the 6th floor, "food"!


Near ZIB: Ø. In the city west, the "Schwarzes Cafe" (Kantstraße 148, walking distance from "Zoologischer Garten") has a nice atmosphere, a great selection of drinks and opens 24 hours. In the "Oranienstraße" near "Görlitzer Bahnhof" station, you will find a lot of cafes and music bars, mostly rock and punk. In the "Simon-Dach-Straße" near the station "Warschauer Straße", there are plenty of cocktail bars.

For events, concerts, street festivals, check Berlin's official homepage, for partys and disco program, use 030 (German only).